Thanks to its experience in the manufacture of self-priming vibration pumps of the series 14000, which have been successfully sold on the world market for more than several years, OLAB is now aiming at a new and more ambitious objective to expand its own range of products: the introduction of the vibration pumps of the series 22000. Thanks to the substantial economic investments that its far-seeing general management devoted to the development of this project, a corporate division called “OLAB Pump Division” has been created for design, manufacture, assembly and testing of vibration pumps. A new production site, a modern plant for manufacture of coils which is in the forefront for its quality and output capacity all over the world, automatic stations for assembly of components, machines for 100% testing of finished products, highly skilled technicians who guarantee product and process optimization, are the foundations on which are based the pillars of the philosophy of the company whose aim is total quality.