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OLAB specializes in finding solutions for applications in the sectors where the weight, associated with superior mechanical characteristics of each component, is of fundamental importance, in addition to the traditional fittings in the 1000,900 and 900G series – which are normally used for connecting to rigid copper, aluminium, iron, stainless and plastic pipes-the company offers all its customers the possibility to improve the type of connection when joining two axially offset parts.

The new special fitting (art.1035) is designed specifically to extend the use of series 1000 fittings to applications with hose pipes coated with high-resistance double-braided steel, which also avoids the use of rigid metal pipes, which have to be shaped during assembly and installation of the plant. A groove in the smooth part of the adapter (a patented pipe self-locking system called AST) acts as an undercut to prevent the cut tapered ring (BCL) from slipping on the spigot of the fitting. Even if the nut comes loose (or the torque is wrong), the fitting will not come out (there would just be a minor leak), an evident advantage for the structural integrity of the system

  • Axial offset and linear joints to facilitate system installation
  • Low-cost and rapid assembly
  • Very easy assembly and no –preassembly required
  • Reduced dynamic effects caused by vibration
  • Significantly increased safety
  • Elimination of potentially hazardous situations for workers
FlexyBlock Components


  1. Flexible pipe seaming device
  2. Central pipe fitting body with hose
  3. Jointing wire
  4. Swivelling pipe fitting with adapter shank
  5. Sealing O-ring

Hi-Quality Fittings 1000 SERIES


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