Thanks to its twenty-year experience in the field of fittings and its deep knowledge of mechanical processing, OLAB can offer its customers a large number of solutions for industrial plants: the historical and well-known series 1000 and 900 BI-BLOCK®, the new series 900G and 1000G, with the same characteristics of the standard versions but easier to install. After several studies in cooperation with some leading companies in the field of materials, OLAB has developed a special aluminium alloy used for the new fittings of the series 1000A, where the high performance of the brass and stainless steel series 1000 are combined with the typical lightness of aluminium. A comprehensive range of products help solve all problems with industrial plants: the brand-new FLEXY-BLOCK, with which OLAB extends the use of its fittings of the series 1000 also to the applications with flexible pipes provided with highresistance double stainless steel mesh to avoid the use of stiff metal pipes that need to be shaped.